Digi-Cut Hotmark - Fluorescent (HTV)

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Digi-Cut Hotmark Heat Transfer Vinyl - Fluorescent Colours

Digi-Cut Hotmark Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls
Fluorescent Colours
For use with fabrics such as t-shirts. Available in 5 vibrant colours.


  • 15" wide x 2 yard roll
  • 15" wide x 5 yard roll (save 2%)
  • 15" wide x 10 yard roll (save 7%)
  • 15" wide x 22 yard roll (save 10%
  • Slightly tacky backing to help keep weeded design in place on fabric before pressing. 
  • This temporary placement adhesive leaves no left-over residue.
  • Matte Polyurethane vinyl material
  • Super thin, soft and stretchable. Great for layering designs.
  • Easy to cut, weed and press!
  • Works great on 100% Cotton, 100% Poly or blends.
  • Heat press recommended


  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester
  • Cotton/polyester blends
  • Some spandex, synthetic blends
    * Test before applying to garment


  1. All designs must be cut in reverse on a cutter/plotter.
  2. Weed excess cut vinyl off of cut design.
  3. Place vinyl image face down on fabric in desired position. Adhesive clear carrier sheet helps keep image in place before pressing.
  4. Apply heat for 15-20 seconds at 300-340F with medium pressure.
  5. Cold peel the clear carrier sheet off.  You're done!
  6. Permanent, professional results with no background polymer like transfer paper.

Hover your mouse over the image to view colour swatch. As well, the colour (and PMS colour code) will be listed when you add the item to your cart.