Mug Master Pro

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Mug Master Pro


The TPC Mug Master Pro 4-in-1 mug press means you no longer have to worry about buying separate heating elements or mug presses

in order to press all of the different types of drinkware available!
Save time and money while creating beautiful, quality products in your own home and business.
This press includes heating elements for 11oz and 15oz mugs, steins, large and small latte mugs and water bottles! Mug making has never been easier!

Our digital control unit features easy to read and use controls, allowing you to set the time and temperature with the simple touch of a button. 

-Small cylindrical heating element
-Regular cylindrical heating element
-12 oz latte element
-17 oz latte element

Rated Input Voltage - 110v, 50-60Hz
Rated Input Power - 350W
Temperature Range - 0-430 F
Time Control Range - 0-999 seconds
Starting Temperature Range - 200-380 F
Ending Temperature Range - 200-430 F
3 month warranty

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