Leasing or Buying, Which Benefits You?

Transfer Paper Canada understands the dilemma in buying or leasing your cream of the crop apparel imaging device,
be it from OKI DATA, EPSON and others. Leasing usually costs a little more than buying but
there are instances where leasing makes sense.


  • Leasing is often the better option when cash flow is tight, improving buying power and freeing lines of credit. * It takes care of unexpected upfront expenses. Most leasing contracts cover everything from the taxes to the delivery and everything in between.
  • Often there are tax benefits for your business with leasing; the process is simple and straightforward so you can apply "stress" elsewhere.


  • The main advantage of buying equipment is you have instant equity along with the tax advantage of writing it off as a business expense. 
  • Buying will cost you less but of course there's more expense up front. Owning something for your money means a lot to some business owners.
  • Monthly budget opens up with no payments and you won't be still paying when you no longer need the equipment. Let our TPC qualified experts answer your questions and work with you to figure out whether leasing or buying that needed piece of equipment works best for your budget. Call us today at 1-877-565-7560


Transfer Paper Canada Leasing Application





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