Forever® Laser Tattoo Paper

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Forever® Laser Tattoo Paper

Forever® Laser Tattoo Paper
Unleash Your Creativity with the unlimited Possibilities of Laser Tattoo Paper!

With the innovative Laser Tattoo Paper from FOREVER you get an impressive alternative to a real tattoo. See how it works in our brand new video. Make your life more colorful with Laser Tattoo Paper from FOREVER! Simply print your favourite image from your home Laser/LED printer & place your image on the desired position. You can print photographs of family portraits, comics, patterns and many other image styles – the possibilities are limitless. Depending on the placement, you can expect your tattoo to last anywhere from a few days to weeks. Not only can you decorate your skin in unlimited and creative ways, but you can also decorate many other surfaces.
Create more creative & colorful surroundings by adding your designs to many other surfaces, such as; Smart Phones, Glass, Cars, Balloons, etc.


  • 5 SHEETS PER PACK / SIZE A-4 8.25 X 11 .25 APPROX 
  • Skin-Friendly (Certified)
  • Water Resistant (Days or Weeks)
  • High Resolution Quality
  • Quick & Easy application for skin and other flat surfaces
  • Compatible with Laser/LED printers - More advantages with White Toner Printers
  • Finest details Possible
  • Easy to cut with Scissors or Plotter


  • Works with either CMYW and CMYK. With a White Toner Printer, you can create White Tattoos or apply white colors to darker backgrounds, ensuring a colorfast and extremely bright finish.
  • FOREVER Tattoo Paper features a specialized water-activated adhesive which is specifically designed for skin. The tattoo will typically last around 2-3 days provided the tattoo isn’t heavily scrubbed.
  • Temporary tattoos are perfect for tattoo shops to test designs before getting it done for real, creating logos and designs for promotional events or merchandising.
  • Simply print your logo or design with a Laser Printer and cut with scissors or contour cut with a cutter/plotter featuring optical eye functionality (Silhouette Cameo 3).


  • STEP 1: Print your design in mirror image onto the "A-Paper"
  • STEP 2: Peel the backing from the "B-Paper" at the corner. Stick the peeled corner of the "B-Paper" to the printed side of the "A-Paper"
  • STEP 3: Apply the entire "B-Paper" to the "A-Paper". Use a squeegee or ruler to smooth across. Watch video Instructions>
  • STEP 4: Cut each design with scissors or contour cutter such as the Silhouette Cameo 3.
  • TO APPLY: Position face down on skin or surface, then wet with water. Backing will slide off.




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