Chemica Revolution PU SIR Apparel Vinyl

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Brand: Chemica

Chemica - Revolution PU S.I.R. (sublimation ink resistant) Apparel Vinyl
Heat transfer printable media that is dedicated to sublimated textile personalization. This material prevents bleed through.

Product Specs:

  • 20 inches wide x 22 yards

Product Features:

  • The migration blocker retains your transfer’s original colours.
  • Design to achieve high printing resolution.
  • OEKO-TEX Class I certified, allowing application even on baby and kids clothing.
  • Semi-matte finish.
  • Smooth touch

Product Instructions:

  • Step 1 – Print & Cut

Program the print and cut of your heat transfer film
without rotating the design, and use a standard flex
blade (45°).

  • Step 2 – Weeding

Remove the excess of material (easy weeding).

  • Step 3 – Application tape (IMPORTANT)

Wait a minimum of 4 hours and preferably 24 hours
before taping to allow proper inks drying. If not, this
may result an ink transfer on the tape, which could
damage visual aspect of design.
Use a medium tack Tape and use the squeegee to
tape the product properly. Make sure there are no
air bubbles left before removing the product’s

  • Step 4 – Application

Position your design on the textile and press it with a
heat press at 160°C/320°F
for 20 seconds.
We do recommend the use of a silicone paper or a TEFLON sheet to
protect the design and the textile during the

  • Step 5 – Peeling

Peel the material while still hot.
NOTE: We highly recommend you perform tests
before launching a production run.

Care and Washing Instructions:

  • Respect the garments’ instructions.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the printer manufacturer and take care of the printing
  • (40°C/104°F) and drying temperature
  • (45°C/113°F).
  • It is important to always use official inks from the printer manufacturer.
  • Printable media are very sensitive: always handle with care and preferably with gloves.
  • Wait 24 hours before the first wash.
  • Avoid the use of aggressive products.

Other sizes and samples available upon request. Please contact

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