Eco-Sol MAX Ink Cartridges (for Roland BN-20)

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Eco-Sol MAX Ink Cartridges (for Roland BN-20)

Eco-Sol MAX and Eco-Sol MAX2 Ink Cartridges (for Roland VersaStudio BN-20)

Roland Eco-Sol MAX ink offers fast drying time, high density, a wide colour gamut, rugged scratch resistance, a low cost per square foot and broad media support.
These inks require no special ventilation.

Authentic ink for Roland® BN-20 print/cut device.
Available in two sizes: 220cc (220ml) and 440cc (440ml).

Eco-Sol MAX ink is available for the BN-20 in the following configurations:

  • CMYK: Four-color standard process color inkjet printing.

  • CMYK+W (White): For use with clear or colored media on packaging comps, labels, window signs, and other popular applications, white ink can be printed as a spot color or an undercoat to increase the brightness and opacity of full-color images.

  • CMYK+Mt (Metallic Silver): Metallic Silver ink can be printed as a spot color or combined with CMYK to produce over 500 striking metallic and pearlescent colors, including Roland’s Metallic Texture Library of different texture fills.

  • CMYK (aqueous ink): High-density water-based ink creates brilliant colors and excellent print quality for short-term indoor applications

The price shown will update automatically when you choose a colour from the dropdown menu.

Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Black 440cc SL3-4BK
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Cyan 440cc ESL3-4CY
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Light Cyan 440cc ESL3-4LC
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Light Magenta 440cc ESL3-4LM
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Magenta 440cc ESL3-4MG
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Yellow 440cc ESL3-4YE
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Black 220cc ESL3-BK
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Cyan 220cc ESL3-CY
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Light Cyan 220cc ESL3-LC
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Light Magenta 220cc ESL3-LM
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Magenta 220cc  ESL3-MG
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Metallic Silver  220cc  ESL3-MT
Eco-Sol MAX Ink, Yellow 220cc  ESL3-YE
Eco-Sol MAX 2 Ink, White 220cc ESL4-WH